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Psychologist  |  Addictions  Specialist
Transforming Lives

Dr. Jacob Melamed is a professional focused on meaningful results. 


The proof is in the enthusiasm with which patients and other clinicians speak regarding his approach to treatment. 


Dr. Melamed brings years of specialized training and clinical experience to bear with each patient, with the goal of achieving not just symptom-relief, but a renewed sense of self-confidence and optimism.

“There is symptom relief and there is recovery.     Getting relief from emotional pain in whatever form it takes (addictions, anxiety, depression, couples’ conflict) is the first priority, but the kind of work I do goes beyond that.  Because one can have symptom-relief and not be well.  My goal is for my patients to have an increased sense of hopefulness and vitality.  I want them to feel they can flourish in their lives.”

                   - Dr. Jacob Melamed

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