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Individual and Couples Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

In individual psychotherapy, Dr. Melamed’s approach is grounded in a deep respect for the person’s individual experience – the painful present, the complex past, and the hoped-for future.  Dr. Melamed creates a warm and collaborative environment that allows his patients to mobilize all their personal resources (past experiences, present resources, and hopes for the future) to  work on “here and now” problems while laying the ground work for a more sustaining and vital life.

The benefits of psychotherapy have been repeatedly and scientifically demonstrated for most people and in most situations.  Depending on your initial issues and symptoms, benefits might include the lessening of depressive symptoms, feeling less afraid or anxious, and a greater sense of choice in your life.  With a more thorough understanding of yourself, you can make changes that enhance your personal and family relationships and find deeper satisfaction in them. Through psychotherapy, you may come to better understand your personal goals and values and become more capable of living  them in day-to-day life.

Couples Therapy

Every relationship has its ups and downs.  There is a normal ebb and flow in any committed relationship, and the couple is able to work things out on their own.  Couples therapy is called for when the usual ways aren’t working –when problem solving breaks down.  The same argument keeps happening with greater intensity and greater frequency. The couple’s unhappiness continues to increase, and the two people get further and further apart. Sometimes the couple faces problems that overwhelm their abilities to solve them – finances, parenting issues, addiction, infidelity. In couples therapy, Dr. Melamed can help the couple:  focus on the real issues, improve communication, improve problem-solving skills, restore trust, increase intimacy, and create a more satisfying relationship.

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