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Finding reliable sources of information about addiction can be challenging.  Most people start with the internet.  What they find is a confusing mix of theories and opinions (often masquerading as facts) about the causes of addiction and advertisements for all sorts of  treatment programs .  The references listed in the Resources section where chosen because they are well-respected and helpful sources for reliable information.  Each section is available as a pdf.  Please feel free to download them and pass them on.


The Education, Research, and Treatment Resources for Addiction section provides sources for:

  • the best scientific research available on addictive disorders,

  • links to the official websites for both 12 Step and non-12 Step self-help groups, and

  • links to advocacy groups that work to raise awareness of addiction as a major public health problem and reduce stigma.


The Books and Publications on Addiction and Recovery section includes:

  • recommended reading for families and concerned others,

  • interesting and informative books about AA,

  • personal memoirs of addiction and recovery, and

  • publications and books for professionals interested in educating themselves about addictive disorders.

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